édition PAUMES is a small and dynamic family run Japanese publishers, working in close contact with artists and designers in Europe on different editorial projects.
With a poetic and original approach, édition PAUMES explores the environments of those who stimulate the creative industries,
and in doing has produced a set creative "bibles" that overflow with inspiration.
After a first tour in Paris, édition PAUMES keeps on going to discover other cities.
The creative link which has been form between Tokyo and Europe is just at its beginning...
We have just published our latest book, "Handmade Gardens".
It is very suitable for Spring season, you can feel the breeze of gardens! Please enjoy this book.
Furthermore, now you can get a lovely notebook by Nathalie Lété when you order 2 or more PAUMES book until 31 May 2016. Please use this offer and enjoy the books and present from PAUMES!
*From 29 April to 5 May, there are national holidays in Japan. If you order during this period,
it may take a little more days to ship.
We'll do our best for shipping! Thank you for your understanding in advance.
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