Paris Kitchens 2
To really know someone all one needs to do is open the door to his or her kitchen. With a few basic questions you’ll gain a wealth of information. How much space do they dedicate to food? Is he or she is a passionate chef or a fast food addict? Is the kitchen minimalist or over-flowing with colour and life? The heart of a busy home or a place of refuge? A place to gossip over a pot of hot coffee or somewhere to sit and quietly reflect on the day gone past? A kitchen is defined by the personality of its owner.
Paris Kitchens 2 invites you to wonder through the kitchens of an eclectic group of creative individuals based in Paris. To discover how they live from day to day, by taking a peek inside their cupboards, at their cutlery drying by the sink or the objects left on their kitchen table. Each individual has his or her own secret recipe to make the kitchen, and the meals eaten there, special. From a unique blend of colours or spices that play with the senses, to a simple space of home comfort. There’s no place quiet like one’s kitchen!
Format : A5 / 128 coloured pages
Retail price : 1800 yen
Publisher : edition PAUMES Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese

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