Mon petit chat de Paris
This photo book would make you happy and warm-hearted. Especially for the cat lovers! While PAUMES have been visited artists’ homes and studios at Paris, we met lots of lovely cats there. Sometimes the cat is a source of inspiration, a funny buddy, a close friend and the one of their family… the cats are very precious to the people. For this book, PAUMES collected and arranged adorable Parisian cats’ photos that have been taken by Hisashi Tokuyoshi in the last decade. The stylish cat likes Parisienne, the newborn kitty, the gourmand cat being charmingly chubby, the grumpy-face cat, the playful kitten, and the cat with a big yawn… More than 50 cats are here!
Format : 170×150mm / 96 coloured pages
Retail price : 1500 yen
Publisher : edition PAUMES, Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese
パリの子どもインテリア パリのファミリースタイル
パリ おしゃれガールズ スタイル パリジェンヌのアパルトマン
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