Vintage in Paris
Paris is recognized as the fashion capital worldwide.
Associated to high-end French couture houses and their elegant dresses decorated with delicate laces and luxury embroideries, the modern Parisienne has the savoir-faire to mix with casual clothing.
There are various styles of fashion; this guide book will take you to the most beautiful and specialized vintage boutiques in Paris. Enjoy the discovery of lovely wardrobes of 47 boutiques, from 1900' to 1990's dresses, accessories, glasses, perfume bottles, linen & laces, fashion magazines & photographs - the choice is yours!
Although the text is written in Japanese, the photos will show you the fashion history of Paris accompanied with the English shop information and a map on the first chapter of each area. Let this guide be your company on your tour for unique pieces creating your own style, the visit to these vintage boutiqes is a must !!
Format : A5 / 128 coloured pages
Retail price : 1800 yen
Publisher : édition PAUMES Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese
パリのアンティーク屋さん パリの雑貨屋さん
パリの本屋さん パリの花とフローリスト
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