Teenage Girls in Paris

The fresh and girlish interior book has come!

PAUMES visited 16 teenage girls living in Paris. Their ages are 13 to 18 years old, so they are young but have brilliant talents and their own styles! The girls who appear in this book are stylish girls, handmade lovers, artists in embryo, students who are preparing for the entrance exams, etc… you might find the girl who is similar to you in some way.

PAUMES have taken photographs of girls' rooms where is surrounded by their favourites. And we have listened their stories, about fashion, make-up, interior decoration, favourite things, school life, and dreams for their future. The text is in Japanese however the detailed and attractive photos will give you a good inspiration.

The book also includes a mini guide of girls' recommended shops at Saint Germain des Prés and Marais!

Format : A5 / 96 coloured pages
Retail price : 1500 yen
Publisher : édition PAUMES, Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese
パリ おしゃれガールズ スタイル ロンドン おしゃれガールズ スタイル
東京のおうちアトリエ マリメッコのデザイナーの暮らし
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