Format : A5 / 128 coloured pages
Retail price : 1500 yen
Publisher : SHUFUNOTOMO Co.,Ltd.
Author : Kei Yamazaki
Language : Japanese

Every morning, Japanese Instagrammer Kei Yamazaki(@keiyamazaki) prepares breakfast, takes photos of High angle shot of the plate, and posts them on Instagram. Since she started it, she has gained 230,000 followers, and her exquisite morning meals have inspired others.

This book contains varied photos of her breakfast made of Pancakes, Scones, French toast, soup, and colourful salads e.t.c.
It is written in Japanese, but you will enjoy watching these delicious looking photos as you have been viewing them on Instagram. Please use this book as reference for your breakfast too !

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Kei Yamazaki
Graphic designer of edition PAUMES, and She also started producing her own work on"EMPAPURA PLUS" since 2013. You can check her breakfast photos on EMPAPURA PLUS blog not only on Instagram.
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