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Not another guide to the best restaurants in Paris, I hear you say!
...Take another look...
What you have here is an intimate and original guide to the favourite culinary addresses of those who count in the restaurant industry in Paris ミ the restaurant owners, creative chefs, caterers, food journalists, editors, photographers and critics. Each contributing his or her passion for food to create a truly unique book. The diversity of professional backgrounds producing a varied and above all unique guide to the most delicious Parisian addresses.
For Paris Miam Miam we asked each contributor to open up his or her little black book of favourite addresses, exploring their culinary habits along the way. These addresses allow you to discover some of Paris' the best-kept secrets, be it where to get the best sandwich, where to offer ones taste buds a truly intense trip, or where to find that delicatessen you've always being looking for! This publication invites you and your senses on a very special culinary adventure!
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